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Summerlin South Channel Letters
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Summerlin South Channel Letters


Channel letters and dimensional letters are some of the best signs to use if you hope to give your business a simple yet eye-catching design.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Channel letter signs can be customized to anything you want them to display, and they don’t take a lot of space. Thanks to their flexibility, they can match any requirement and guidelines set in your chosen industry.

If you need customized channel letters signs for your facility, call us at Las Vegas Sign Company. We are the best Summerlin South, NV sign company to handle any channel letter sign project quickly and efficiently while keeping it within budget. We guarantee that your channel letters signs will meet all your specifications so you get the most out of your unique signs.

Call Las Vegas Sign Company at (702) 903-1108 for your Free Consultation with a Summerlin South Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter Sign

Channel letters signs are often used as storefront signs by most businesses and organizations that reach out to us. Our Summerlin South channel letters are made from individually cut metal pieces to form a 3D element, such as letters, symbols, or images. These individual metal pieces are placed in a backing frame or directly onto the building’s surface. The elements can be customized to have an acrylic cover of any color or transparency, depending on your style and preference.

For your business, we can create a channel letters sign with your business name, tagline, or even your logo. We have all the options for channel letters, allowing you to go all out with designing them limitlessly. We can even add more elements to them like back lighting, so they’d stand out even more when they are on display.

Channel letters are perfect for retail stores, grocery stores, shopping centers, churches, schools, and other facilities that want a simple yet highly customizable sign.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Dimensional letters signs are like channel letters signs because of their composition, utilizing individual components to make an entire message or image. However, what sets them apart is that dimensional letters only use one single sheet of acrylic or sign material to make the entire sign. Channel letters are made individually.

Like their counterpart, dimensional letters can be customized based on the font, style, and size you require. It can also have a visual effect that would make it look flat or 3D, depending on where you are looking at the sign. Las Vegas Sign Company can create your dimensional letters sign to match your branding and use durable materials to make it last for a long time.

Dimensional letters are perfect for retail stores, malls, restaurants, and cafes. They can also be used as an indoor or lobby sign!

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Your Summerlin South channel letters can have LED backlighting to add an eye-catching effect, especially at night or during harsh weather conditions. Once people see these professional and attractive channel letters signs, people will be curious to check out what you have to offer.

You can also benefit from backlit channel letter signs because they will let people know that you are open even during night hours.

We handle every part of your signage project, including design, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Some of the industries that can benefit from backlit and illuminated channel signs include nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, clubs, gas stations, convenience stores, and other businesses that have evening hours. Businesses who wish to set their signs apart can also use this type of channel letters.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Summerlin South Channel Letters logo 1 300x113We at Las Vegas Sign Company are dedicated to providing any business with quality Summerlin South channel letters signs that match their brand and business goals. Our team can deliver your channel letters signs or dimensional letters signs quickly and guide you throughout the project, so you know what to expect from start to finish.

Let us be your trusted sign company for all your signage needs today!

Call Las Vegas Sign Company at (702) 903-1108 for your Free Consultation with a Summerlin South Channel Letter expert!